XML Catalog Resolver API

An OASIS XML Catalog resolver.

This API implements a catalog-based resolver for URIs. It’s designed to work in the context of XML processes, resolving external identifiers for parsers and URIs for other processes (XML Schema validation, RELAX NG validation, transformations, querying etc.).

By providing an OASIS XML Catalog file that maps URIs, for example, from web resources to local resources, you can improve the performance of your processes and remove dependence on external web servers.

For most users, the Resolver and ResolvingXMLReader classes are all that's needed.

Note: As published, this JavaDoc is designed to help you understand the public APIs. Some parts of the implementation are excluded because they don’t form part of the useful “user” API. If you’re interested in integrating the resolver into other applications, you may wish to look at a more comprehensive description of the API.

For more details, see xmlresolver.org.

Package Description
The XML (Catalog) Resolver.
XML Resolver cache.
Catalog resolver exceptions.
Catalog loaders.
Resolver logging.
Resource source extensions.
XML Resolver utilities.